About Us


一切由廿年前說起:話說本號成立於 80 年代,乃本地其中一間較為早成立的廣告公司。提到廣告,當國際級廣告公司作品大賣,盡得天下之時,我們只懂一直咬緊牙關用心造廣告,一咬就咬了廿年,咬得門牙也快要碎掉,也從未放棄。



About Us

Established in the 80’s, we have been one of the very first local advertising companies in Hong Kong. Over the past two decades, we have never forgotten our motto: to give our best to our valued clients.

We always believe in the old Chinese saying “the older the ginger the spicier it gets”. Being a “local ginger” well-polished in the ashes of time for twenty years, we are experienced and creative enough to work out exciting advertising ideas to leave the audience with a thick after-taste and bring our clients’ business to the next level.

We believe that an innovative concept and a fine production are equally important in creating a far-reaching advertising campaign. As u still waiting one stop service provider, our services include concept creation, video / artwork production and media planning. We are ready to give you the most effective advertising service, so why are you still waiting?